Photo of the day – Cape St Francis lighthouse at sunrise

On 4 July 1878, the lamp of Cape St Francis lighthouse was lit for the first time.

According to a report of the Coast Lighthouse Commission, Captain Skead set out from Port Elizabeth on 21 November 1871 to inspect Cape St Francis for the purpose of selecting a site for the erection of a lighthouse.

They arrived at Humansdorp on the 23rd where they were met by the Civil Commissioner, who assisted them to reach the beach near Cape St. Francis. An ox-wagon loaded with tents and camp gear was sent ahead. {Below are a few excerpts from the report:]

… after a rough journey over a very indifferent road, some of which went over precipitous sand hills, we arrived at Mostert’s farm house, a small and poor homestead about 2 1/2 miles to the North West of Seal Point, just north of the scene of the wreck of H. M.S. Osprey, where we awaited the arrival of the ox-wagon with the tents at 6 p.m., when we encamped for the night.

On Sunday the 26th we started for the hills at the back of Seal Point, visiting the most prominent, and making theodolite observations on the way and after spending several hours in looking for a suitable site, we decided upon a spot about 250 – 300 yards from Seal Point which commands a clear view of the coast

Since those days, an entire community has grown around the lighthouse, with many people now calling Cape St Francis their permanent home.

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The ocean in the vicinity of the lighthouse has become the playground for surfers, swimmers, divers and fishermen with Seal Point regarded as one of the iconic surf breaks along the South African coastline.

Open water swimmers have even rounded the point, while spearfishermen take on all odds to shoot fish like bonito in the waters just off the lighthouse.

The property market in Cape St Francis has boomed over the years while the village still maintains its quaint look and feel.

Local photographer Joey Nel took this magnificent image of the Cape St Francis lighthouse at sunrise.

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