Boat capsizes at mouth of the Kromme River

St Francis Bay – On Monday morning, 06 January, the NSRI were activated following reports of a boat that had capsized at the Kromme River Mouth.

The Spirit of St Francis II was launched and the NSRI responded directly to the scene and on arrival found that all seven people on board the capsized boat were safely ashore.

Children were among the crew and everyone was wearing life-jackets.

One girl was treated for an arm injury and a slight laceration to the head and she was taken to a local doctor for further medical care.

The remaining six crew were not injured.

They are regular visitors to the area, on holiday from up-country.

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It appears a sand-bank, formed in the river mouth, may have contributed to the incident.

Assisted by members of the public, the NSRI righted and recovered the capsized boat and have thanked those who helped.

Photo: Clive Wright

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