Spear Fishermen have close encounter with large Shark at Cape St Francis

Two spear fisherman had a close encounter with what is believed to be a large Great White Shark off Cape St Francis Point on 4 January 2020.

“We were diving off the Wild Side gulley and had four bonitos on a stringer when a big shark took the fish.

My mate was dragged about 3 – 4m underwater when he let go of his speargun which was attached to a buoy and the stringer,” said Kyle de Villiers who lives in St Francis Bay.

The two divers then swam to shore.

The incident took place no further than 1 km west of the Cape St Francis lighhouse and abour 250 m from shore.

“We saw a smaller Great White Shark the day before, as well as a few Bronze Whalers near the gulley,” added de Villiers.

There has been quite a bit of fish around, especially bonitos which have probably attracted the sharks.”

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The speargun and buoy was recovered from the sea by a fishing boat two days after the encounter.

There has been shark activity all along the coastline recently, with two paddlers falling off their skis when a large shark jumped next to them at Oyster Bay while a paddler’s ski was bitten in an incident at Nahoon Reef in East London.

A spear fisherman was also dragged underwater at Natures Valley on 19 December 2019 after spearing a mussel cracker.

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Spearfisherman dragged by Great White Shark at Natures Valley

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