Nearly 1500 guns surrendered in the first month of firearm amnesty

The South African Police Service has announced that thousands of firearms and rounds of ammunition have been handed in at police stations around the country.

1465 guns and 14 861 rounds of ammunition have been handed in thus far.

The firearms that have been handed in included 1248 hand guns, 75 shotguns and 142 rifles.

While the majority of the firearms have been handed in for destruction, the Police have also received applications for the relicensing of firearms whose licenses have been terminated.

The firearm amnesty began on 1 December 2019 and ends on 31 May 2020.

People that are illegally in possession of firearms and ammunition are being encouraged to take advantage of this amnesty period to hand over such guns without fear of prosecution.

However, any person that hands over a firearm that has been used in the commission of a crime will not enjoy such exoneration.

All firearms that have been or are being handed in will undergo ballistic testing to ensure that such firearms have not been used in the commission of a crime/s before it can be considered for destruction.

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The South African Police Service has made adequate provision for the safe-keeping of all firearms handed in.

•        There are nine centralised storage facilities in all provinces which have been subjected to risk assessment.

•        Designated Amnesty Officials and SAPS Officials have been subjected to thorough screening and vetting and only those that met the identified criteria have been appointed to handle amnesty firearms handed in.

A detective investigative team has been established to investigate cases of firearms linked to crimes.


An enquiry desk at the Central Firearm Register Call centre has been established to handle all enquiries related to the amnesty. The telephone number is 012 353 6111.

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