5 things you need to know about the Marina Mile

The Marina Mile is one of the premier events on the Jeffreys Bay December holiday programme and takes place on 30 December 2019.

The Mile was resurrected by Yvonne Lentinello and Brenton Williams in 2001 and has grown from strength to strength since then.

Marina Martinique is now regarded as one of the top open water swim venues in the world and has hosted the South African Open Water Swim Championships since 2017.

Here are five things you need to know about the Marina Mile:

The Marina Mile is held in salt water

Marina Martinique pumps in fresh salt water daily and the canals are perfect for fast racing in an environment where there are no tidal movements, no predators – the canals are not joined to the ocean – and no chance of being stung by jellyfish or blue bottles.

The Marina Mile is an event for the whole family

From a Double Mile that starts off the Festival of Swimming, the event caters for all swimmers, from entry level swimmers who can take on the challenge of a bank to bank swim (45 M), to those taking on the half mile or the premier event – the Marina Mile.

The bank to bank swim is for 10 years and under swimmers and they can be accompanied by parents if required.

Swimmers can enter the double mile and the mile and make it a full day of swimming fun or racing.

The Marina Mile is held in a world class venue

With its protected canals and over 5 km in distance, there is no better place to swim in open water than Marina Martinique.

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Many Olympians have swam and trained at the Marina, including Natalie du Toit, Chad Ho, Troy Prinsloo,Martina Grimaldi, Rachel Bruni, Jessica Roux and Michelle Weber.

Michelle won the 5 km at the 2019 SA Open Water Swim Champs in a race that is regarded as one of the best of all time at Marina Martinique.

The Marina Mile has seen more events develop

From being a single event in the early 2000’s, the Marina Mile ensured that more events have been held at Marina Martinique.

The popularity of the Marina Mile saw a local series develop that allows swimmers the opportunity to swim qualifying times for the SA Open Water Swim Championships.

There are now seven swim events being held at Marina Martinique, including the Olympic qualifier – the SA Open Water Swim Champs.

Natalie du Toit racing at Marina Martinique

The Marina Mile is a warm water swim

The water temperature in Marina Martiniqiue flucuates widely. It can get really cold in winter when the water drops to around 11 degrees C.

However, the temperature can get up to 28 C in summer so there is no need to wear a wetsuit at the Marina Mile. Rather lather on the sunblock and take advantage of gliding through the pristine water in just a speedo.

Entries for the Marina Mile, presented by Nicholas Melck, can be done online via ZSports while late entries are accepted on the day.

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