Surf skier attacked by shark in East London

The Buffalo City Municipality has closed Nahoon Beach following an incident where a shark attacked a surf ski off Nahoon Reef yesterday morning (26 December 2019).

The surf skier was not injured during the incident.

Nahoon Beach has been closed until further notice.

Buffalo City (which includes East London) officials will continue to monitor Nahoon beach via jetski and other means and will re-open the beach once they are sure its safe to do so.

Photos of the big shark spotted by photographer Joey Nel off the mouth of the Kromme River can be seen below.

There were no shark sightings off the beaches of Oyster Bay, St Francis Bay or Jeffreys Bay yesterday.

At around 10 pm on Christmas night, the Jeffreys Bay NSRI deployed  to Kabeljous Beach where there were eye-witness reports of two red distress flares sighted seaward.

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During an extensive search it was determined that the flares had been fired from land and no vessels or persons were in distress.

The NSRI has made a special appeal to members of the public not to fire flares other than in an emergency.

Firing a flare because it has expired is dangerous and wastes hundreds of hours of Sea Rescue volunteers time searching for someone who is not in difficulty.

Laser beams have previously been a huge danger to helicopter crews when they are directed at the aircraft.

For the first time laser beams have been shone at Sea Rescue vessels engaged in a search. This completely disrupted the search endangering the lives of our volunteers and those who we were looking for.

Please never shine lasers at anyone  and particularly not at operational rescue services at night.

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