JBay lifeguards prevent drowning on Main Beach

A swim at Main Beach in Jeffreys Bay came close to becoming a disaster when four Egyptian friends went for a swim at the launch site and immediately got caught in a rip current.

Two lifeguards from the Blue flag and two from Pellsrus responded immediately to the situation.

Two of the visitors managed to break out of the rip current while one was pulled out to sea.

A 17 year old male panicked and swallowed water during the rescue.

The lifeguards managed to get him on a craft and paddled him back to shore.

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His breathing was shallow and he needed oxygen, which was administeredย  successfully by the Jeffreys Bay lifeguards and he regained full consciousness.

Guard Med, Private Care and NSRI were activated and took over the scene.

He was transported by Guard Med to hospital for further medical evaluation.

Photo: Joey Nel

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