Spearfisherman dragged by Great White Shark at Natures Valley

The NSRI has reported that a spearfisherman had an encounter with a big Great White Shark at Natures Valley yesterday afternoon (18 December 2019).

Theodore Prinsloo (47) of Wellington had the close encounter with a five-metre Great White Shark shortly after spearing a mussel cracker.

NSRI spokesperson, Craig Lambinon, said the NSRI had responded to eye-witness reports of a spearfisherman being dragged under water by a Great White Shark and there was no sign of him.

He said when the NSRI arrived on the scene they eventually found the man’s flotation buoy about 200 metres off-shore.

Lambinon said at about the same time they had received a call from Prinsloo to inform them that he was safely ashore and was not injured.

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He said he reported that he was able to “disconnect” the line that was attached to his speargun and flotation buoy as the shark swam off with his fish and then make it back to shore.

Lambinon said that the NSRI recovered the device from the water and after collecting it from the base station Prinsloo said that he would be spear-fishing again on Thursday.

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