Every home deserves a Joey Nel photo on its wall

Joey Nel is a passionate and professional landscape and wildlife photographer residing in Jeffreys Bay.

A regular contributor to JBay News, Joey has toured South Africa and Africa, enduring some extreme environments and conditions, to capture some of the most amazing scenes imaginable.

“I believe Jeffreys Bay is the most beautiful place on earth and has explored our coastline at different times and conditions to capture its true beauty.

It takes extreme planning, dedication and sacrifice to get the “perfect” picture and as a professional photographer I have to survive selling off prints of my handywork,” explained Joey.

“I had so much planned for 2019 but it turned out to be my annus horribilis, first my computer crashed with all my RAW files and programmes and I thought I lost my life’s handwork. One cannot capture a photo without processing and storing it.

Then the second tragedy hit me, I painfully and tragically lost a loved one. With all that I lost my passion and drive.

After a couple of months, which the technicians spent dedicated and tirelessly, they managed to retrieve my files and programmes.

A very happy day for me indeed, and with lots of support and motivation from family and friends I managed to get my passion, focus and drive back..my mojo,” said Joey.

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“Then the third tragedy hit me. I had to go to Port Elizabeth for a doctor’s appointment and decided to spend some time with my daughter as well. I took my photographic gear along as another photographer invited me to a possible group shoot at some remote locations.

We lately have to resort to this because we have become soft targets for the criminals. During my doctor’s appointment and a visit to a mall, my car was remote-jacked and they stole all my clothes and gear out of my boot, my camera, lenses, filters, cards and tripod.

Although my camera was specified to the insurers, they refuse to pay out the damages, which is close to R200 000, as there were no visible damage to my car. Some small print in their contract dated back to 20 years ago, years before remote-jamming was even remotely possible.

My photographic suppliers Outdoor Photo offered to lend some equipment for a short while so I can continue working to make up for the massive loss that the insurers would not cover.

With my computer working again, I have managed to process some popular and new prints that are on display at Ninas and can also be viewed on Facebook  via Joey Nel Photography and Joey Nel.”

Joey is running a December special,  offering a 10% discount and 5% will be donated to the SPCA  and trusts that the public will support her during the festive period to buy new equipment.

She is also the official photographer for the annual Marina Mile, presented by Nicholas Melck which takes place on 30 December at Marina Martinique.

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