St Francis Bay runner-up in Best Police Station Award

SRA Cameras and Security Systems credited for the sharp decline in crime in St Francis Bay

The St Francis Bay Police Station was nominated for the Best Police Station Of The Year (Small) Award and were placed second, eventually losing to a station in the Transkei. The main criterion for selection is the reduction in crime over the past year.

Either way, it is a significant achievement, and St Francis Bay is proud and very happy that the police station was recognized for the good work and the reduction in crime.

Captain Gomeshe, the Station Captain stated that the crime drop could be attributed mainly to the CCTV camera system installed by the SRA.

It is a powerful indication that the 141 cameras installed by the St Francis Property Owners (SFPO) Non Profit Company (NPC) and their Special Rates Area (SRA) have been doing their work over the last 12 months, and is another good indicator of the effectiveness of the various projects that have been done by the SFPO NPC.

Other factors that have helped in the reduction of crime have been the incarceration of several criminals; the hard work put in by the local detectives, and the Neighbourhood Watch patrollers and security companies

There are no actual statistics as it is now illegal to divulge such information, but the reduction in crime for the St Francis Bay area is deemed “serious”.

There are three definitions for either an increase or a decrease in crime, and they are 1. Slight, 2. Marginal and 3. Serious, with Serious being deemed to be the best or worst.

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In other words, St Francis Bay has enjoyed a ‘serious decrease’ in crime over the last year.

With their awards, from left to right:

David Truter – SFPO committee member for CCTV cameras and Chairman of St Francis Bay Sector Police Forum.

Cst Hitayezu

Captain Gomoshe – Station Captain

W/O Solombela – Branch Commander

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