New street name boards for Pellsrus

Finding one’s way through the busy streets of Pellsrus has become a whole lot easier.

Kouga Municipality recently erected 24 new street name boards in the Jeffreys Bay suburb as part of its drive to improve and beautify all neighbourhoods.

Kouga Corporate Services Portfolio Councillor Bryan Dhludhlu said many of the original street name boards and kerbs in Pellsrus had become so faded over the years that they were difficult to read.

“Proper street name signage contributes to the safety and well-being of communities,” he said.

“The municipality has, therefore, started repairing old signs and putting up new boards where there were none before.”

He said the new signs made it easier for motorists to find their way.

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“Drivers looking for a street name are more likely to cause accidents as their attention is diverted from the road.

“Clear signage also prevents unnecessary hold-ups when emergency services such as the police, fire brigade or ambulances are called out.”

He said new street name signage would be put up across Kouga where the need is most critical.

“The municipality has been identifying where the need is greatest. Some ward councillors have also chosen to support this drive by using their Ward Development Fund to put up new street name boards in their wards.”

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