Community learns about gambling, liquor and copyright laws

Over 100 local entrepreneurs and community members attended an information-sharing session at the Newton Hall in Jeffreys Bay this week.

Presented by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the session formed part of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness among communities of national policies and legislation that affect businesses, non-profit organisations and communities at large.

Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Fikile Majola, said the department had identified a need for the public to be educated about the regulation of the liquor industry, the socio-economic impact of alcohol abuse, legal and illegal gambling activities, how copyright can assist creative persons, debt relief measures, credit affordability and fundamental consumer rights.

“In many instances, community members do not know or understand their laws and, as a result, their rights get violated.”

He said a focal point of the campaign was, therefore, to educate participants about the rights and responsibilities afforded to them by the the Liquor, National Gambling, Lotteries, National Credit, Consumer Protection, Copyright, Performers Protection, Merchandise Marks and Companies Acts.

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Kouga Councillor, Robin Jantjies, who represented the municipality at the event, said valuable information was also shared on how non-profit organisations could benefit from funding through the national lottery.

“We would like to thank DTI for bringing the campaign to Kouga. Everyone who attended learnt something of value.

“It was a very positive initiative and we hope the department will include Kouga in future roadshows as well,” he said.

Photo: Isabeau Joubert

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