Load shedding returns to avoid collapse of power grid

Without any prior warning, South Africa was hit with stage 2 loadshedding yesterday (16 October 2019) with the grim reality that the country is not producing enough power to cater for demand.

Stage 2 loadshedding will continue today as 2000 MW needs to be shed to protect the national grid.

“The supply constraint has come about due to high levels of unplanned breakdowns that have exceeded the 10ย 500MW limit.
The supply constraint is caused by, among others, five generating units that are unavailable due to boiler tube leaks. In addition, a conveyor belt supplying Medupi Power Station with coal failed on Saturday 12ย October resulting in low volumes of coal being supplied to the power station thus limiting the generating capability to approximately half the station output.
Due to the shortage of generating capacity from coal fired generation, the pumped storage and OCGT generators have been used extensively since Saturday, 12 October which has led to a decline in the dam levels and diesel tank levels, said Eskom in a statement.
Loadshedding schedules for Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay and Humansdorp can be found belowhttps://www.jbaynews.com/load-shedding-schedules/

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