The Hyena of Addo Elephant Park

Addo Elephant Park now has a herd of over 600 animals and offers some of the most spectacular elephant viewing in the world.

Visitors to the Addo ELephant Park are rarely disappointed and its almost guaranteed to see elephant while driving on the roads to Hapoor Dam, one of the best view spots in the Park.

Six lions were introduced into the Park in late 2003 and have adapted well to their new environment. Lions are most often seen in the early morning or on sunset and night drives.

Spotted hyenas were reintroduced to Addo Elephant Park in 2003, fulfilling the same role as lions in restoring the natural balance to the ecosystems in the Park by controlling the numbers of herbivores.

Brown hyena have been confirmed in the Nyathi area in the northern park of Addo, the species have also been recorded in the south of the Park. Brown hyena occurred in the Colchester area historically but were eradicated in the early 1900s.

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Brown hyenas are well known for their long distance dispersal abilities. These hyenas are notoriously elusive and difficult to sight and it is possible that the species may have been resident in the Park for many years but only recorded recently thanks to camera trap technology.

St Francis Bay photographer took this image of a hynena hanging around the birth site of a baby elephant in Addo Elephant Park.

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Clive Wright Photography