Turning waste into treasure

An unemployed father from Humansdorp has turned to waste to put food on his family’s table.

Arthur Velkers has been making ornate plant pots and bottles from recyclables that he collects at the Humansdorp Landfill Site.

He started his venture only four weeks ago and has been perfecting his art with the help of a friend, Jackson Jonas, a chokka fisherman who has also been looking for ways to earn an income when he is not at sea.

“I’ve mainly been collecting broken pots, coloured plastic, toilet rolls, round margarine tubs, bottles and different types of cloth from the waste site.

“Through trial and error, we’ve been able to turn this waste into something beautiful that can be used in gardens and homes,” he said.

Velkers said he hoped to partner with like-minded individuals and groups to take his venture forward.

“I have learnt so much these past few weeks and there is still so much more to learn. Jackson and I would like to link up with other entrepreneurs, so as to learn from them and share our experience with them as well,” he said.

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“We would also appreciate help to buy cement and paint, our two biggest expenses, while we are getting our business off the ground.”

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Kouga Municipality’s Community Services Portfolio Councillor, Daniel Benson, commended Velkers and Jonas for their initiative.

“Recycling can open up great opportunities for entrepreneurs. We wish these two all the best with their venture and would like to encourage residents to support them in their endeavours.

For more information, contact Velkers at 063 473 5461.