Catching up with top South African Skater Dlamini Dlamini

Trying to get hold of Dlamini Dlamini, the skater from Durban is a bit of a challenge. He’s in Berlin shooting a clip, then the next moment he’s in LA. Constantly on the move, we eventually pin him down for a few quick questions and answers.

Berlin, What’s been going on there?

I’ve been filming for my board sponsor DGK for a part in the video that’s coming out soon.

Dirty Ghetto Kids is a very cool name for a skate brand and a sponsor. Who else do you have on the books?

I’m sponsored by Adidas, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder trucks, LB Skate, BL and Monster Energy.

Of all the places in the world to shoot a skateboard video, why in Berlin?

Berlin has this special kind of lifestyle, its a place to be free and where anything goes. You cycle wherever you go and there are endless skate spots. The skate community is huge and the party is good. There is no judgement in Berlin – be who you want to be. I’m also in Berlin to be with my girl, she stays in Berlin, so we’ve been able to spend the summer together this way.

High flying Dlamini Dlamini © Monster Energy

Where is the video going to be featured?

It will be featured on the DGK website and other social platforms.

How did it go?

I had a really good time. I met some really cool people and made the most of my time and some great experiences with new people. Everyone is trying to put in work, and is committed to getting things done, which is good for my purpose of filming

What was the most rad thing that you experienced in Berlin?

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One of the best things was really the people I met and the community of skateboarding, the daily skate missions with the homies and some long summer nights out in the city

What’s the best thing that has happened to you this year?

The best thing this year has been the ability to be able to travel this much, to have the support by sponsors to make my plans happen. There have been a lot of really cool things, so all in all I would say its been the ability to experience new things.

What’s next? Where are you off to next?

I’m back in LA for now, to do more filming and be in close contact with sponsors in The States. I’m trying to make a trip here in the states next, maybe San Fransisco.

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What is on the schedule for the back quarter of 2019?

I’m going to be staying in LA until December then heading to South Africa, also to see family.

How does 2020 look for you? Anything lined up already?

I have plans in mind, and am down to be travelling a lot. There are some certain countries I really want to visit and skate there. Will go to the States again, as I do every year, but I am also trying to spend as much time as possible in Europe and see more cities around there. I want to put in as much work as I can – be it skating or filming.