Increased Need for Safe Roads Ahead of 2020 Bike Festival

Events company Wozani Africa recently announced that Bike Fest SA will be expanding its brand in 2020 to include a total of 5 beautiful locations across South Africa.

One of the destinations added to the itinerary is Jeffreys Bay which will host the Eastern Cape leg of Bike Fest SA from 28 February to 01 March next year.

While the festival will undoubtedly attract an influx of visitors to the town that will result in a significant financial boost for the community, some concerns have been voiced about the safety of not only the bikers but road users in general during the festival.

Take frequent breaks when traveling 

As the Bike Fest is bound to attract motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the Eastern Cape and the rest of the country, the roads leading to Jeffreys Bay (as well as in the town) are expected to be somewhat congested.

Arrive Alive urges all long-distance travelers to not embark on their journeys unless well-rested and to take a break from driving/riding every two hours or 200km traveled.

With the Eastern Cape being notorious for having a high incidence of road accidents, it is imperative that all road users to remain courteous to one another and adhere to all rules of the road.

Keep illegal vehicles off the road

Multi disciplinary operations aimed at removing illegal drivers and vehicles from the roads can be expected from the days leading up to the festival until its conclusion. It is therefore essential that all road users ensure that their vehicles are both licensed and in a roadworthy condition.

Apart from ensuring that all tyres, indicators, lights, windscreen wipers, and exhaust systems are fully operational, it is also important to ensure that the engine is taken care of.

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Replacing an engine is a costly affair and should be avoided if possible; this can be achieved by regularly checking the oil and making sure the engine cooling system is fully functional.

Although rebuilding an engine is cheaper than replacing one, it is best to undertake such a project willingly than being forced to do so due to sheer negligence.

Don’t drink and drive

Bike Fest SA has a reputation for being one of the biggest biker parties in the country and where there is a party, alcohol is bound to be present.

Drunk driving is without a doubt one of the biggest threats to road safety in South Africa, claiming thousands of lives every year. While a heavy police presence can be expected for the duration of the festival the onus still lies with every road user to act responsibly and stay off the road when intoxicated.

If the festival follows the format of the 2019 edition that was held in Margate, KZN, a shuttle service will be made available to ensure that all festival-goers remain safe while enjoying the festivities.

With only 5 months to go until the festival, excitement is bound to start mounting soon. By making every effort to reduce the carnage on the roads everyone involved in the festival is bound to have a very memorable time.

Photo: NastyaSensei/Pexel

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