Plant a tree and help fight climate change

Jeffreys Bay – With Spring having arrived, the Kouga Municipality has renewed its call on residents and businesses to join the fight against climate change by planting trees.

“September is one of the best months to plant certain indigenous trees,” said Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson.

“We would like to encourage all residents and businesses in the Kouga region to join us in planting trees, be it in their gardens or at their business premises.

“The municipality will also be identifying public areas, including parks and sidewalks, where we would like to plant trees.”

Benson said the Cape Ash and Wild Plum were two of the trees recommended by local nurseries.

“Both trees are indigenous, grow fast and require little maintenance.

“An added advantage, especially in coastal areas, is that they are wind resistant.

“Also important is that these trees are less prone to damaging roads, walls and buildings, as both have taproots which grow directly downward.

“Their canopies do, however, tend to be wide and they are, therefore, best suited to large gardens and public areas.”

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He said the trees should preferably be planted in a sunny spot.

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Benson said that while spekboom was also a good option, experts had cautioned that they do not grow as quickly as the Wild Plum or Cape Ash.

“The tree-planting drive is part of Kouga Municipality’s commitment to combating climate change,” he said.

“Trees not only create the oxygen we breathe and need to survive, but they also remove harmful greenhouse gases from the air,” he said.

Anyone who would like to join or contribute to the tree-planting drive, can contact Benson at 073 766 4816.

Alternatively, send an email to Benson at [email protected]

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