Stage 4 Inbound? Practical Money Moves to Survive Load Shedding Schedule

Jeffreys Bay – Since its return earlier in February, load shedding has been a massive problem that compromises businesses and personal finances, according to the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa.

Recently, Eskom announced that they may be implementing Stage 4 load shedding in Jeffreys Bay.

So it is advised that residents take practical measures to safeguard their finances.

Understanding Stage 4

In February, Eskom declared that Stage 4 load shedding would only “be used under emergency conditions” and in limited periods. As Jeffreys Bay will be bracing for Stage 4, they can come to expect multiple and unscheduled power interruptions.

Each interruption is supposed to last a minimum of 3 hours and 30 minutes. The power cuts can be significantly longer to make room for the unscheduled load shedding that Eskom has mentioned.

Cash on Hand and Credit

The frequency and length of power interruptions prompt residents and business owners to tap into smart money handling as they anticipate the next scheduled load shedding. Having cash on hand is advisable as ATMs generally do not work during load shedding, says local vendor Mduduzi Tshabangu.

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Banks also have a limited time to process payments so those with credit card payments end up missing pay dates. Residents can look into using balance transfer cards which typically carry a 0% annual percentage rate. With most cards in South Africa carrying a 16% annual percentage rate, JBay residents can obtain savings while being able to use a card in lieu of available cash.

Rechargeable Technologies

With JBay residents losing faith in Eskom and their electricity supply, looking into rechargeable technologies can help alleviate any discomfort felt during power outages.

Solar lawn lamps can provide around 23 hours of light without needing to recharge, according to Sinetech. Power banks help residents power up their gadgets and phones to keep communication lines open in case of emergencies.

Kinetic flashlights are powered by motion and are handy for personal use and proximity. Not only are these options helpful but they are cost-effective as well.

Load shedding may be expected to continue in the immediate future. Only time will tell if Eskom will escalate the load shedding to stages 5 to 8 as indicated on their website. It is advised that residents continue to check with Eskom to be aware of the established load shedding schedule or changes that may occur.


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