11 houses destroyed in St Francis Bay fire

Firefighters from Kouga Municipality and volunteers from the St Francis Bay community managed to contain a runaway fire yesterday (22 August 2019) but not before 11 houses were destroyed.

The fire started around 3 pm yesterday afternoon and a sudden gust of wind from the west pushed the fire into the path of houses in Lyme Road.

Firefighters were on the scene immediately and began to battle the raging fire.

The St Francis Bay community rallied and helped people to evacuate their homes, even carrying out household goods from some houses.

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A helicopter joined in the efforts and by 8 pm yesterday evening the fire was brought under control.

Mopping up efforts continued throughout the night and the Kouga Municipality will conduct a forensic investigation this morning to determine the cause of the fire.

In addition to the 11 houses destroyed, two other houses were partially destroyed.

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