Robbers strangle and cut woman’s finger in brutal PE house robbery

A 68 year woman is recovering from a traumatic attack after three armed men wearing balaclavas, entered her property by kicking in the door, holding her by her neck and trying to cut her wedding ring off her finger.

Atlas Security responded to a call at the early hours of Thursday morning (15 August 2019) to a property in Sunridge Park.

Atlas Security’s Operations Manager, Monty Montgomery said upon arrival at the house, the victim had described the horrific incident.

She heard a noise and looked out her window only to see an intruder.

Minutes later, three armed suspects kicked in the door and held her up. The suspects then forced her to lie on the floor and attempted to cut her wedding ring off her finger.

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The armed robbers fled with jewellery. The victim is recovering from a bad cut to her finger and bruises on her neck.

The South African Police attended to the scene and took over.

This is the 5th house robbery that Atlas Security has responded to in August.

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