Man killed in St Francis Bay home invasion

The South African Police are hunting for two armed robbers in St Francis Bay following a home invasion in Santareme.

Sadly an elderly man died following the attack in Sardinia Way at 5 pm yesterday evening (15 August 2019).

The man has been identified as Duncan Lethbridge.

According to the Police, a housekeeper was busy outside when she was accosted by two armed men who pushed her inside the house and tied her up.

The intruders then tied up and gagged the elderly residents of the house – a 76 year old woman and her 78 year old husband.

They then ransacked the house and assaulted the elderly couple during the robbery.

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The suspects forced the wife to unlock the safe, from which they stole an undisclosed amount of cash and other valuables and fled the scene on foot.

At 7 pm the housekeeper managed to alert neighbours, who called the Police.

The neighbours discovered Lethbridge lying face down in the living room with his hands still bound and his mouth covered. 

Medics who attended the scene discovered he had died but the cause of his death is unknown at this stage.

The two women victims were severely traumatised and were taken for medical treatment. 

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