DA calls for action over escalating crime

Murder has increased by 160% in the Algoa Park policing sector, yet the South African Police in the area is still cripplingly understaffed and under-resourced. This is according to the latest available crime statistics.
The community of Missionvale often bears the brunt of the escalating murder rate due to a shortage of vehicles and officials and therefore a lack of visible policing in this area.
“It is imperative that the SAPS make use of reservists to free up the frontline officers at the Algoa Park Police Station. This will make more officers available to ensure greater visible policing. This lack of visible policing also has an impact on the alarming increase in sexual offences in the area,” said Andrew Whitfield, the DA Shadow Minister of Police.
“When comparing the 2016/17 crime statistics to the 2017/18 statistics, sexual offences increased from 58 to 65 reported cases. It is important to note that sexual assault (55,6%) and contact sexual offences (33,3%) both increased substantially,” said Whitfield.
While sexual offences are on the rise in Algoa Park and Missionvale, statistics show that there are no rape kits available at the Algoa Park Police Station.
This causes increased trauma to rape victims, as they have to be transported to stations where these kits are available.
There are only 1,457 adult rape kits and 2,642 child rape kits available in the Eastern Cape. There should be at least 20,000 of these in stock in the province at all times.
The shortage of officials and vehicles at the Algoa Park Police Station has led to slow response times to call-outs in Missionvale.
There has also been an increase in drug dens and drug related crimes in the area.
“I will be taking the plight of the people of Algoa Park and Missionvale to Parliament, and request an intervention from the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele.
A lack of officers severely hinders SAPS’s crime¬fighting efforts, especially relating to stations such as Algoa Park which is mandated to cover huge areas such as Missionvale.
Communities like Missionvale and Algoa Park, deserve an honest and professional police service which is well-trained, well-funded, well-resourced and fully capacitated – run by a capable provincial government, as per DA policy,” said Whitfield.

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