No ‘good side’ in divided ANC

The IRR has said that there is no ‘good side’ left to back in the African National Congress (ANC) and that moderates and reformers have essentially been isolated or forced to exit the party.

The two major factions of the ANC today are the same as those that conspired to remove Thabo Mbeki as leader of the party in 2008, according to IRR CEO Dr Frans Cronje.

Speaking at a gathering of business leaders and journalists in Johannesburg this week, Cronje said that ‘on the one hand you have the racial and ethnic nationalists who came to power around Jacob Zuma, and on the other you have a resurgent left-wing faction of the party that was so central to discrediting the policy reforms of the Mandela and Mbeki eras’.

These two factions ‘are the strangest of bedfellows and loathe each other’, he said.

‘At the Nasrec conference of the ANC in 2017, they fought each other to a stalemate, which produced Mr Ramaphosa as party leader. Under withering fire from the very corrupt racial nationalist faction, (the president) has sought refuge among the hard-left and the communists.

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‘This explains how it has come to be that the one faction has an upper hand of sorts in the parliamentary caucus and committees, while the other has come to dominate the cabinet.’

Responding to questions about whether or not Mr Ramaphosa was a capitalist, Cronje said that ‘it is hard to say what he is, but the policies he has championed on property rights, labour, health, and empowerment have done great economic damage and will have to reversed if an economic recovery is to be secured’.

As to which faction would ultimately prevail, Cronje said: ‘You really do not want either faction to have a free hand to run a future South Africa – the answers to the country’s salvation now lie outside of the ANC.’

First published on Daily Friend

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