Filipe Toledo and the Corona Open JBay hat trick

Jeffreys Bay – Right now it’s a world of repeats for the high flying Brazilian Filipe Toledo as he basks in his win at the recent Oi Rio Pro.

He was the defending champion, and although Jordy Smith fought back hard in the final, at the end of that long and noisy day, with 30,000 Brazilian fans braying for their boy to win, Filipe took victory with relative ease.

In Rio, Filipe just took to the air, as he does everywhere around the world, and got the points needed to secure victory.

In the process commentator Martin Potter mentioned that Supertubes in JBay, the venue for the Corona Open JBay, was not the ideal wave for huge airs, or so everyone thought.

When Toledo won his first event here in 2017, he performed two of the most ridiculous, high scoring alley-oops on one wave, that he totally redefined how Supertubes could be surfed.

Potter totally acknowledged this in commentary, going on to explain how many waves and venues get redefined by surfing performances.

Toledo went one better, and won his second Corona Open JBay last year, defeating powerful rookie at the time, Wade Carmichael.

The waves were smaller, but still the diminutive natural-footer took to the air in a performance that Carmichael never really had an answer to. No shame to the Australian, but Toledo beat him with an air game.

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So now Toledo comes into JBay with the possibility of scoring a third win at Supertubes, and being the first to get a hat-trick at this venue.

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It has been close before, but it hasn’t happened. In 2000 and in 2001 Australian surfer Jake Paterson won back-to-back events in JBay, but could not get a third in a row.

Then in 2010 and 2011 Jordy Smith did the same, winning two events back-to-back at Supers. Records show that the game changed in 2012, with the event downgraded to a 6-star QS, and although Jordy competed, the event was won by Adriano de Souza.

Can Filipe do it for the third time at the Corona Open JBay? Time will tell with the event taking place from 9 – 22 July at Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay.

The Corona Open JBay forms part of the annual JBay Winterfest, a multi sport festival that takes place every July in Jeffreys Bay.

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