Kouga Municipality to phase out tenant accounts

Kouga Municipality will be phasing out tenant accounts over the 2019/20 financial year in a bid to streamline the municipality’s revenue and debt collection processes.

Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said that the phasing out would apply to residential properties only and would be done in line with the Kouga Council’s Customer Care, Credit Control and Debt Collection policy.

According to the policy, “only owners’ accounts will be opened whilst all tenant accounts will be phased out over time”.

“Most accounts are already in the name of the owners of the properties; however, there are still some accounts which were opened in the name of the tenants before the policy came into effect,” he explained.

“These remaining tenant accounts will be transferred to the name of the property owners.

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“It is a lengthy process and it will, therefore, be done area by area, starting in September.”

He said Humansdorp was the town with the most remaining tenant accounts and that the phasing out would start there.

Photo: Joey Nel

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