Borehole success in Hankey and Patensie

As the towns of Hankey and Patensie prepare for their annual dry period, the good news is that Kouga Municipality has had success with its borehole programme in the area.

While the boreholes will not be on line in time for the upcoming dry period, they will help to boost the water supply to the towns significantly once they’ve been equipped and connected to the water treatment works.

The dry period is set to take place from 15 to 30 June.

“Groundwater exploration in and around the towns has finally borne fruit and the municipality will soon start equipping and connecting boreholes to the water treatment works,” Executive Mayor Horatio Hendericks said.

“Our hope is that the combined yield will be sufficient to stop water rationing, a measure we were forced to take when the national Department of Water and Sanitation cut the quota from the Kouga Dam to both towns.

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“While the quota is under review, early indications are that the national Department will not be increasing the allocation.

“This means alternative sources must be secured and developed to augment the supply to the towns and bring an end to watershedding.”

The municipality last year secured more than R41-million from the Provincial Disaster Relief Fund for groundwater and borehole development at Patensie and Hankey.

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