Photo of the day – world champion surfs at Supertubes

The first of the winter swells have hit the coastline of Jeffreys Bay and Supertubes was sublime with 6-8 foot sets pouring down the point.

The Jeffreys Bay locals were out in full force and they were joined by world junior surf champion Kirra Pinkerton from the United States who  claimed her share of waves in the intimidating line up.

Pinkerton won the 2018 Women’s World Junior Championship in Taiwan last year when she beat Keala Tomoda-Bannert in the 35 minute final in clean 2-to-4 foot waves at Jinzun Harbour.

Jeffreys Bay will host the Corona Open JBay next month when the worlds best surfers arrive for stop 6 on the World Championship tour.

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The Corona Open JBay takes place from 9 – 22 July and forms part of the annual JBay Winterfest.

Jeffreys Bay photographer Robbie Irlam captured this image of Kirra carving at Supertubes.

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