Help take care of vulnerable children in Hankey

Child Protection Week puts the plight of our children in South Africa to the forefront and we are made aware of some bitter circumstances.

For most of us, it will be the only time that we recognise the sad reality of many children; for others who work in the field, the remaining 51 weeks of the year are tragically filled with tales of abuse and violence.

Thárros Child and Youth Care Centre is a haven in Hankey (situated just inland from Jeffreys Bay) where children who have experienced violence and trauma are placed, to receive love, safety and nurturing.

Thárros was founded in 2016 by Taise Sampson, a social worker and an advocate for children’s rights.  Taise realised the need for such a centre when volunteering at Joshua Project with children living on the street.

The lack of resources available to house and nurture children was a reality that inspired her to open Thárros.

Thárros, which means courage in Greek, is a beautiful double story house on the Main Street in Hankey which has ample room for 25 children to call home.

This home is situated on a large erf with a spacious garden and play area.  The building itself has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a playroom, a therapy room and large kitchen and dining area.

Children are divided into sleeping arrangements according to their gender and age, with a carer in each room.  Nutritious meals are lovingly prepared to ensure the children and babies receive their quota of fruit, veggies and proteins.

For those children who attend school, the Hankey Laerskool is within walking distance, and caters for grades R to grade 7.

The younger children have a programme at home that teaches them age appropriate developmental skills as well as letting them have the run of the house until their older “siblings” return.  Weekends are open to visitors, parental visits and outings.

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While Thárros receives great support from the community in the form of food, clothing, detergents and toiletries, their main area of concern is financial support.

The operational costs are high, and they appeal to donors to help keep the wheels turning.  A small amount can go a long way – a once off pledge or a regular monthly donation would be much appreciated.

Thárros is a registered Non Profit Organization (NPO) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO) entity. Our PBO status means that all donations are tax deductible.

Please find our banking details below and contact Taise personally where a tax receipt is required.

Other areas where the community can help are with volunteer time, maintenance, gardening and cooking.  We also value professional input such as play therapists, kindergarten teachers, yoga instructors, medical help and more.

Please be sure to contact Taise to set up these visits.

Banking Details:  Thárros Trust, FNB Jeffreys Bay (210-515), Account Number 62617211074

Contact Details: email: [email protected]                    Mobile: 083 500 0910

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