Building plan amnesty for Kouga residents

In an effort to rectify outstanding building irregularities, Kouga Municipaly took a decision on 11 December 2018 to implement an 18 month amnesty period for penalties imposed on submission of building plans for unauthorized building work in terms of the National Building Regulations and Standards Act, Act 103 of 1977.

This action will assist property owners in the Kouga Municipal area (including towns like Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay and Humansdorp) who would be liable for penalties in terms of the following:

• previous owners build or extend their buildings without approved plans;
• revisions / alterations without approved plans;
• past incomplete inspections conducted with no final inspection and no occupation certificates issued;
• building plans never returned by owners, architects or draughtsman to the department for final approval.

The amnesty period does not indemnify any other compliance to the Municipality Bylaws, Town Planning Scheme Regulations or any other act or By-law that may be applicable to any submission of building plans. The amnesty period commences from January 2019 until end June 2020.

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All submissions for exemption from penalties must be in writing or per e-mail addressed to the Department: Planning and Development [email protected] or [email protected] , or hand-delivered to the Department at the Woltemade Street, Jeffreys Bay, offices.

Every case will be dealt with on merit and the Municipality will be the final decision maker.

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