Wattozz – the first wireless stun gun available in South Africa

The world’s first hand-held wireless electroshock gun for self-defence and security will be available in South Africa shortly.

The Wattozz is a wireless, multi-shot solution to personal safety and home security and is the leading non-lethal alternative to firearms use.

Incorporating remote-controlled radio frequency projectiles, the ballistic coefficient of the Wattozz makes it vastly more accurate and safe to use than conventional electroshock cable systems.

Shock values and their administered duration can be effectively adjusted from a distance of up to eight metres.

Speaking at the Wattozz product launch in Cape Town on Wednesday, 29 May 2019, Albayraklar CEO Sertan Aycicek said that he anticipates high demand in South Africa among the general public, as well as security firms, and ultimately police departments.

“We have already signed agreements for Wattozz distribution in 40 countries around the globe and South Africa is the latest to begin realising the safety and accuracy benefits of this highly-effective self-defence weapon,” he said.

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“Rival products continue to employ obsolete wired technology that carries significant risk to the user and also the assailant.

The Wattozz is manufactured with safety and ease of use as a priority, thus eliminating the potential for permanent injury, while making it the world’s standard in terms of self-defence.”


  • World’s first and only remote-controlled wireless electroshock device
  • Shock values kept at risk-free levels with adjustable duration through radio frequency
  • Remote-controlled wireless projectiles
  • Multiple shot feature
  • Built-in HD camera with stabiliser system
  • Silent gasless, non-gunpowder firing system
  • Built-in target laser and flashlight
  • High trigger sensitivity
  • Adjustable low, medium and high electroshock levels
  • Compact design with ergonomic handle
  • Close range direct contact mode
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Optional voice warning system
  • Optional dataport data information system

The Wattozz electroshock device will be available for purchase through licensed stockists across South Africa, with a two-year warranty included.