DA wins Kouga – increases national footprint in Election 2019

The DA has won the majority of the vote in Kouga, with 48 % of the total votes cast on the provincial ballot being made for the party that governs the local Municipality.

18 671 voters put their mark next to the DA, with 16 332 voting for the ANC, while a mere 1 513 voted for the Vryheidsfront Plus, indicating the futility of voting for a minority party.

The EFF won 2,70 % of the vote, with the GOOD party winning 1 %.

There was a 66 % voter turnout in Kouga, with the bad weather keeping voters at home instead of going to cast their votes.

A total of 39 275 votes were cast in Kouga, with 328 spoilt ballots.

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At the time of publication, the ANC leads the national vote in Election 2019 with 56 %, while the DA has shown growth from 22 % in 2014, up to 24 % in 2019, with 39 % of the vote counted.

Voter turnout nationally is 65 %, which shows that Kouga followed the national trend in this regard.

The EFF had also shown growth from 6 % to 9 %, while no other party was above 3 % of the national vote.

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