Why vote for the DA in the 2019 election

Kouga has made massive strides under DA leadership with our towns cleaner and the corruption being stopped in its tracks at Municipal level.

Deals like the sale of 183 hectares of land just outside Humansdorp for a mere R 1,2 million (with the DA obtaining an independent valuation of R 50 million) were reversed after August 2016 when the DA took over Kouga Municipality.

Innovations like a call centre to speed up service delivery, the upgrading of the Municipal fleet, stabilizing the financial situation of Kouga and creating a tourist friendly environment are all benefits we have enjoyed under DA governance.

The 8 May 2019 is when South Africa will go to the voting stations to elect the National and Provincial governments.

With daily revelations of corruption and self enrichment at the highest levels of government, it is clear South Africa needs political change and the only party with a track record of good governance is the Democratic Alliance.

Residents of Jeffreys Bay will have the opportunity this evening to engage with Mayor Horatio Hendricks as he speaks about the initiatives taken by the DA led Kouga Municipality to deliver better services to residents and why Kouga is already regarded as the best run Municipality in the Eastern Cape.

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Hendricks will be joined by Andrew Whitfield, the Provincial Chairperson of the DA in the Eastern Cape.

Whitfield will unpack the DA manifesto and what the party is offering South Africans who entrust their vote to the DA.

The details of the meeting are:

Date: 12 March 2019

Venue: Newton Hall, Jeffreys Bay

Time: 6 pm

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