New cross at Mighty Men Conference venue

A dedicated team of local Christians have spent the last six months resourcing, planning and building a brand-new steel cross that stands 14 metres high on a hill just outside Jeffreys Bay on the Mooi Uitsig farm.

“The Mighty Men Conference Eastern Cape will be held at a new venue in 2019.

“We have shifted the venue for the conference to the farm, Mooi Uitsig, which is just off the R102 about 5km before Jeffreys Bay on the Port Elizabeth side.

The conference will run from March 8-10 and everyone is welcome to become involved in this community and life changing event,” explained Eugene Genis, executive leader of the Mighty Men Conference team.

Robbie Hift, coordinator of the brand-new cross, added, “This brand-new steel cross is very similar to the Cross of Hope that I coordinated and built on top of Van Stadens Mountain near the N2 in 2013.

“This year, we are planning to host as many as 15 000 people at the conference at Mooi Uitsig, and there is only one person I know of who can successfully coordinate such a huge event. His name is Jesus Christ. So, it makes a whole lot of sense to build a giant cross at the very centre of such a huge event,” said Hift.

According to Hift, a team of dedicated Christians started planning in April 2018 to build the Cross of Hope and, on December 19, it was erected on a hill overlooking the main valley where the conference will be held.

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“Macsteel has partnered with us in the provision of white sheets of Chromodex to cover the sides of the huge cross so that it will be visible from miles around.”

They now need someone to supply or partner with them in provision of solar lighting for the cross.

“In real terms, the cost of the equipment is around R20 000. However, if many of us contribute just a little of this amount, or some of the materials, then we can light up this cross so brightly, you will need sunglasses at night to look at it!”

Anyone willing to assist them can contact Robbie Hift at [email protected]

Source: Kouga Express

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