Hiking the Amatola for Pet Rescue

As life gets tougher in South Africa and the population of our country battle to feed themselves, so to are our animals suffering even more.

Daily there are people looking for homes for their animals as they cannot afford to keep them and are downsizing into accommodation that doesn’t allow animals.

The need for the JBay Animal Sanctuary is becoming so important. Monthly they have a spayathon where they Spay animals, preventing unwanted litters.

Vaccinations are given to prevent disease spreading and often death of a beloved animal that dies as the owner cannot afford vaccination. Many owners live in a shack and there animals cannot fit into the shack so they live outside with no shelter.

This non profit organization collect and supply kennels to the animals, leads and collars to prevent the animals being tied up with wire.

The leads and collars are preventing animals being run over as the owners can keep them on the lead and not walk with them unattended. Food is supplied, in some cases a bowl of food and water on the corner of a street so the animals have food.

JBay local Louisa Lightfoot will be hiking the Amatola Trial and raising awareness and funds for the JBay Pet Rescue.

“I have always been passionate about animals. My sister and I walked the Transkei Meander and a very thin dog insisted on joining us and eventually we brought her back to Jeffreys Bay,” said Louisa.

“Once home, Irma from the Jeffreys Bay Animal Sanctuary assisted us in getting “Mea” as we named her, inoculated and checked out for any diseases.

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From this point we decided the next hike we did we would do it to bring awareness to the work that these fantastic ladies from the JBay Animal Sanctuary do and raise funds to assist them to care for these animals.

The next hike we doing is the Amatola trail, one of the hardest hutted trails in South Africa.”

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The Amatola trail stretches along the Amatola mountains from King Williams Town to Hogsback, about 100km in distance.

Hiking 15 to 20 km a day with no luxury’s but a cold shower and a mattress provided at the end of the day is going to be a challenge.

To donate funds or sponsor a Spayathon, here are the details:

JBay animal rescue, First National Bank, Jeffreys Bay, Acc: 62483048445.

Go to the new website www.jbayanimalsanctuary.com and read up about the great work being done by these volunteers.

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