Knowing Netball rules make the game easier to play

We always say that there are rules in every aspect of life. Which is rather true. What happens is that rules are very essential as they govern the function of anything. We are talking about games, a country you name it.

Just because you can play a sport that doesn’t give you the right to ignore the rules. But you might be surprised how rules might make things easier for you. And today we talk about netball rules. And for those who haven’t attempted to play the sport try it by first mastering the rules and you will not go wrong.

But in case it doesn’t work out for you, you can try out netball themed slots at best online casinos. And those have an added advantage that we will talk about another time.


First and foremost you should be aware of how many people should play the game. With the number of game players being. And there must be one that should be playing center to enable the game to start.

In every game, there should be substitutions. In unpredicted events such as injuries and other cases. But then players must note that these subs unlike soccer where a time out can be called and players switched. With netball, you have to wait until half time for the players to change. Or they can be changed in a case of injury.

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But the good thing is that there is no limit as to how many substitutions can be put.


It is interesting to note that netball has rather interesting gameplay when it comes to footwork. Players can only move one foot at a time when passing the ball. When receiving it they should jump and make sure that they land on both feet on the ground.

As explained by one of SA’s sports betting review site, rsa bet, when you decide to receive the ball with one foot grounded or you jump and land on one foot. Once the grounded foot is moved then you can’t move it until the ball has been released.


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