What is the most popular social media platform in South Africa?

There are 4,3 billion people using the internet, with 3,4 billion active social media users on the planet.

This is according to a publication, the Global Digital Yearbook, who also report that 51 % of South Africans now have access to the internet.

38 % of South Africans are also users of social media, with Facebook being the most popular platform followed by YouTube and Instagram.

Whats App is the most popular messenger platform with Facebook messenger and WeChat are also very popular in South Africa,

There has been a 28 % increase in social media users in 2018, while South Africans spend over eight hours a day on the internet.

Just under three hours of this time is spent on social media sites, and an hour a day is spent listening to streamed music.

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65 % of users access the internet every day for personal use, while 22 % access the internet at least once per week.

The top five websites visited are:


The top five search queries are:

South Africa
Cape Town

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