Custom First Aid Kit for Surfers

A start-up Australian company Better Surf Marketplace has combined a wealth of surfing, travel and medical knowledge to release custom first aid kits for traveling surfers and outdoors people.

The Calm As line of first aid kits (FAK’s) were developed by a collective of surfing doctors with experience of traveling off the beaten track, as well as of hard-core hospital emergency wards, who recognized a need for compact yet vital First Aid Kits for travelers.

Better Surf Marketplace (BSM) Founder Dr Jon Cohen and Senior Medical Advisor Dr Phil Chapman are two surfers who have been doing remote medical work in destinations like Grajagan and Tavarua as part of the Surfing Doctors (surfingdoctors.com) organization, and realized that the majority of traveling surfers are dangerously under-equipped when it came to medical kits and knowledge. They also recognized that there is a need for various versions of such a medical kit.

“So many surfers head out to fairly remote destinations with little or no medical supplies,” said Dr Cohen. “It’s pretty common to injure yourself in a place like Indonesia, where the waves are powerful, and most of them break over shallow coral.

To be surfing at a remote surf spot like Grajagan, off the jungles of Java, or in the Mentawais, one hundred kilometers off the mainland of Sumatra, and not have a good medical First Aid Kit on hand places you at serious risk.

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At these remote, paradise surfing locations it can take ages to organise a medical evacuation even if you’re travelling with insurance.  Some injuries need to be dealt with immediately to get the best outcome for the injured surfer.

Whether it is something super common like a fin chop, nasty run in with the reef causing a fracture or dislocation, or even something super rare like a shark bite, the delay in applying basic first aid before transfer out to a decent hospital can have big downstream impacts on the surfer’s outcome.

On a more basic, non-life threatening level, being able to sort out your own basic injuries means you’re back in the water faster, wasting less of your precious days in paradise.”

Identifying the need for various bespoke First Aid and Resuscitation Kits according to individual pursuits, Dr Cohen and his team have developed a number of versions, each with unique medical supplies within.

For more information go to https://bettersurf.com.au/