New road on the cards between JBay and Aston Bay

The Kouga Council is paving the way for a new road to be constructed connecting Jeffreys Bay to Aston Bay.

“The plan is to extend Duine Road, which runs along the coast in Pellsrus, so that it connects to the Marina Martinique road and then Dolphin Drive at Aston Bay,” said Kouga Infrastructure and Engineering Portfolio Councillor, Freddy Campher.

He said the new route would help to address concerns about the safety of pedestrians and motorists using the existing Aston Bay road.

“The Aston Bay road tends to get very busy, as it is the main access route to Paradise Beach, Aston Bay, the Marina Martinique, Ocean View and Tokyo Sexwale.

“ It is also used by motorists travelling between Jeffreys Bay and St Francis via the gravel road after Paradise Beach.”

He said the heavy traffic flow puts lives at risk.

“Many children need to cross the road to get to school or play along the roadside, unaware of the danger they are putting themselves in.

“Just recently a young boy lost his life when he was hit by a car while crossing the road.”

“There have also been incidents of stone-throwing at vehicles travelling along the route.”

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He said the municipality had been looking at various ways to improve the safety of motorists and pedestrians and it was decided that an alternative road would go a long way towards achieving this.

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“ We have given the go-ahead for a feasibility study to be conducted for Duine Road, the potential alternative route, to be extended across a private portion of land.

“The land owner has generously offered the municipality a free servitude over his property should this be necessary.

“We are, therefore, in the process of entering into a land-use agreement with the owner while the feasibility study will show whether a servitude is necessary. “

He said once the feasibility study had been completed, the plans for the alternative route would be finalised and funding sourced for the construction.

Photo: Aston Bay could be connected directly with Main Beach. Photo: Joey Nel

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