Successful Athletics day at Global Leadership Academy

On Thursday, 24 January 2019, Global Leadership Academy had their annual colour-team athletics day, where all the learners participated in track and field events for their different teams.

The day started bright and early; every team had the opportunity to make an entrance to impress the judges and gather an opening score.

Spirits remained high throughout the day and all the learners did their best. By the end of the day the Red team had a clear-cut victory, achieving a total of 1206 points, with the Orange team in second and the Yellow team in third.

A number of records were broken during the day:

Discus 14G Lee-Ann Herbst (VCS) 18,04m; Discus 15G Erin van Romburgh 13,62m;

Shotput 14G Lee-ann Herbst (VCS) 8,93m;

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Long jump 19G Jana Schönken 4,28m;

400m 17G Matgaret Muller 1:12.9;

200m 19G Juané Els 0:28.6; 100m 19G Juané Els 0:13.78

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