Apple launched Macintosh on January 24, 1984 and changed the world

The world changed in 1984, although at the time nobody realised it.

When it was launched, the Macintosh was far from a hit, far from being affordable and even far from being completely workable.

Yet, the that original model did succeed in forever changing computing not just for fans, but for the entire world.

It had a small, monochrome monitor, blocky graphics and the kind of synthesized voice that you wouldn’t even get in a toy now. Yet crucially, it also looked nothing like the computers of its time.

“Up until that moment,” wrote Steven Levy of when he saw a preview of the Mac, “when one said a computer screen ‘lit up,’ some literary licence was required. By the end of the demonstration, I began to understand that these were things a computer should do. There was a better way.”

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Levy was one of the journalists who got an early demonstration when Apple previewed the Mac in October and November 1983. This was part of the company’s dual-pronged aim of having everyone talking about the Mac at its launch but also everyone being able to get right away.

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