Top Three Movie Production Companies

Movies are part of the most loved leisurely activities of all time. Be it a good a horror movie or a hilarious comedy, there has always been a movie for everyone and every occasion.

That leads us to the production companies as we are looking at top 3 production companies of all time.

Leading Production Companies

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment was founded in 1923. The company is known to be the best in the game.

As for the viewer, they know that it is going to be a good movie if Warner Bros Entertainment produced it. The company has several subsidiaries that make sure that Warner Bros. keeps its top stop.

These include DC Films, Turner Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Animation, and Castle Rock Entertainment.

The market has been so good that there have been a few online casino games found at sites such as  Rivernile Casino  to take up after popular movie titles.

If you are wondering which movies left their mark with this production company, all you need do is think of the whole Harry Potter Franchise.

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Walt Disney Pictures

One cannot mention fairy tale movies and not include Walt Disney Animation. Walt Disney Animation is a division of the Walt Disney Pictures company.

The company has managed to capture the hearts of so many people in the world. Marvel Studios, Pixar, Disneynature and Lucas Films are the subsidiaries of this company that have managed to contribute to the fame of the Walt Disney Pictures company.

Frozen; Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest are but a few of the great movie titles by this production company.

Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group

The company was acquired from Coca-Cola in 1989 for $3.4 billion. Sony Pictures is known for its great movie titles like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Spider-Man 3, which some South African online casino sites have also adopted online slot names like Resident Evil.

A few of the other companies that Sony Pictures owns include Affirm Films; TriStar Pictures; and Sony Pictures Animation.

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