Parrots stolen in Jeffreys Bay

Three criminals broke into the Sandown Pet Centre in Goedehoop street on New Year’s Eve and stole a number of birds from the aviary.

Two tame Blue & Gold Macaws, one ‘Severe Macaw”, and two African Grey parrots were manhandled into a sack, and then stolen.

The suspects were spotted running away from the shop.

“Our appeal goes out to all members of our community to be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell a parrot in underhand circumstances.

Also, these birds have a noticeably distinctive call, and tend to “trumpet” loudly, usually at dusk or dawn, said Mike Stanley, from Sandown Pet Centre.

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“We have posted a reward for the safe return of these five parrots.

Captain Starbucks (082 417 6983) is overseeing this matter, but any information or tip offs will be welcomed by Reuben (079 774 6325 anytime), Mike (063 074 8233 anytime) or Lindy (042 293 1486 office hours only).

These birds have all been hand raised, and are like children to us. Please forward this appeal to friends and family, and help to return these beautiful creatures to where they belong,” added Stanley.

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