Yeah dude – Steve-O goes to JBay

Island Vibe Backpackers in Jeffreys Bay relived the good ol’ Jackass days when the one and only Steve-O and three of his crew, Scott Randolph, Tommy Caudill and new kid Paul Brisske, chose Jeffreys Bay as their very first stop on their one-week trip to South Africa.

The guys were eager to experience the world-famous breaks and vibrant surf culture in pursuit of footage for Steve-O’s Bucket List Tour.

While at Island Vibe, chosen for its ideal location and atmosphere, they were made to feel right at home, heading out for the first unmissable morning surf in what they deemed in the footage for their fans as “dangerous shark-infested waters”.

Steve-O quickly learned that surfing is truly not as easy as it looks, even for the man who does everything. The idea behind their stay was to pursue typical and undeniably South African experiences that induced adrenaline and offered risk in proper Steve-O-esque style.

In-between capturing footage, brainstorming skits and surfing, Steve-O and the guys explored the bustling town of JBay, meeting the locals and taking selfies wearing that original goofy grin we all remember (yeah dude, the one happily tattooed on his own back).

Their stay at Island Vibe was as much for business as it was for pleasure, as there are ongoing projects which can be followed online on any of Steve-O’s personal accounts, including Facebook and Instagram.

The search for the thrill did not end with surfing the famous JBay barrel – the guys went Bungy Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge on day-two, an experience which Steve-O found a lot more terrifying than any of us would have thought.

It became evident during their time here that the desire for the experience greatly overcame the fear of any risky endeavour.

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After the jump the guys enjoyed a hearty South African dinner at Awethu Restaurant, where they sat attentive, learning more about the local township community and South African history – Steve-O distracted by cuddles from some of the local township doggos (but no competition to his pretty pooch back home, Wendy).

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On their final night at Island Vibe, Steve-O enlisted the help of all his fellow guests in a video skit down on the beach, an opportunity every person accepted with pure exuberance! Their presence was surreal and unforgettable, made even more so by Steve-O’s willingness to indulge his fans.

After a friendly game of in-house beer pong at Island Vibe (which they graciously lost), and one more attempt at riding our famous barrel, it was time to bid them farewell and onto their next stop.

steve-O island vibe jeffreys bay jackass

The guys headed to Johannesburg where they will be accompanying an anti-poaching unit on a sting operation, once more proving that their hearts are as big as their taste for adventure.

After making the world a better place, Steve-O and the crew are going out into genuinely “dangerous shark-infested waters” to free dive with Great Whites… and then there was something about a helicopter and “air skiing”.

It was an honour and a privilege for JBay to have attracted and hosted such an icon, and his enigmatic crew, and we would be stoked to have them back any-time!

By Sian Wilson

Photo: Phil Craig Photography

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