How Far Are We From Discovering the HIV Cure?

HIV is a virus that has been sang about, wrote about, you name it they have done everything to make sure everyone stays away from this predator.

Our bodies were made in such a beautiful manner that they are able to fight against foreign matter when it enters their territory. But now the trouble comes in when this virus enters your body, what it does is weaken and destroy those little body soldiers.

So any disease that attacks you cannot be fought, rather you are prone to any illness. Your body will be like that real money online casino slot where every gambler knows victory is certain.

Fail to get the treatment and you are likely to get AIDS. Now at this pace and rate, one has to take action, in fact, you should not even wait for it to reach that far.

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Now back to the question, many things have been improved and invented over the years. Many developments that no one saw coming but this one thing called an HIV cure still seems difficult to find.

Basic prevention

Only the doctors and the inventors have the answer to that. But we won’t sit back and look pretty and not do anything.

Rather we will take action, and use those basic apparatus that we have to make sure that we stay healthy.

  • Have protected sexual contact; the reason being that during sexual intercourse there are fluids that are produced. And the virus does, of course, moves in that fluid and any living organ in your body. Vaginal, anal secretions are to be avoided. And we would rather call it the main source that is blood.
  • An infected person is not supposed to share sharp things with anyone like needles, syringes if they have used them before. As that is one of the ways that the virus moves. It doesn’t matter whether you are filthy rich and won a massive jackpot from casino sites such as Golden Riviera Casino  or any popular sites. You still need to be careful around other people.
  • Infected people worry as to if they can give birth. And if so, will the baby be also infected with the virus. And this is only possible if the mother gets medication that will help her protect her baby.