45 houses burgled in St Francis Bay

There have been 45 house break ins in St Francis Bay over the past two months.

These are cases that have been registered with the South African Police.

14 of these incidents took place in Santareme, 25 in the Village and six in the Canal/Kromme area.

The Canal and Kromme are recent hotspots with occupied houses being targeted.

The CCTV camera installation, which is a priority of the Special Rating Area, will be a deterrent.

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There will be 130 cameras situated on all main arteries and walkways in and around St Francis.

They will be monitored by Atlas Security in Port Elizabeth and the response will be provided by Calibre Security and SAPS.

The Kouga Wind Farm have donated R1.5 million to pave and light the walkway from Sea Vista to the Village and cameras will be installed along here as well.

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