How to prevent Fuel Card Fraud

Technology has made it much easier for road users to travel and transact along their journeys.

It is no longer necessary to travel with substantial amounts of cash to fill-up along the route.

Petrol and garage cards enable travelers to have more peace of mind that they would be able to fund any foreseen and unforeseen expenses on the road.

Unfortunately, criminals are never far behind in planning how to defraud travelers. Road users must protect themselves from card fraud, card skimming, cloning, cybercrime and PIN theft.

It is not only individual drivers who are at risk but also corporate fleets and those with fleet cards.

But what are these threats/ crimes and how can road users protect themselves from falling victim to these criminals?

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When using a Point of Sale device, key in your PIN in such a way that no one else can see it – such as covering the keypad with your free hand when punching the numbers in.

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When using a garage/fleet card for fuel purchases, remember the following safety tips:

  • Treat your credit card like cash by just carrying the cards you need and never leaving your cards unattended.
  • Destroy expired fuel/fleet cards by cutting them up.
  • Sign new cards, with a ballpoint pen, immediately on receipt.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • Do not use your birth date or birth year as a PIN number, as criminals may have access to this information after stealing your bag or wallet.
  • Do not save your PIN number on your cell phone.
  • Be careful when giving your personal and credit card information to third parties.
  • When giving your card to a merchant to swipe, check the details on the card to ensure that they have given back the correct card.
  • When using a debit or credit card at any point of sale outlet or restaurant, never allow your card to leave your sight.