Spate of house robberies in Port Elizabeth over the weekend.

Over the past weekend three house robberies occurred in the western suburbs of Port Elizabeth.

In Overbaakens, a 62-year woman was robbed in her home and raped. In Colleen Glen an elderly couple were assaulted and robbed in their home. It was reported that the two suspects were both armed with a firearm and knife.

Meanwhile in the early hours of Saturday morning (27 October), a 78 year old female was attacked while asleep in her home in Walmer

“House robberies are on the rise, the perpetrators are after anything they can get their hands on.

The suspects are coming into our homes with no remorse; leaving victims traumatised and physically hurt. During the incidents over the weekend, the owners were attacked and in one incident, raped.

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We urge the community to act on anything that sounds or looks suspicious – too often we overlook the important details that could lead to an arrest or change a positive incident to an attempted incident,” said Atlas Security in a statement.

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Three areas that were affected:
• Overbaakens
• Walmer
• Colleen Glen

Common trend:

• Four males
• Back packs
• Balaclavas

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