JBay surfer saves visitor at Magna Tubes

A Jeffreys Bay surfer, Pablo Thysman, saved a visitor from drowning after the man got into difficulties at the Magna Tubes surf break.

Pablo was in the car park when he noticed the 30 year old man on a body board was in trouble at Magna Tubes.

Thysman, a born and bred JBay local, first attempted to shout instructions to the man who comes from Vaal Park in an effort to assist him to swim free of a rip current.

That didnt work so Pablo grabbed an NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy, situated at the Magna Tubes car park, but while he was running towards the surf Pablo realised that the man was bigger than him and opted instead to rather use his surfboard which he grabbed and ran into the surf.

Pablo paddled to the man and was able to pull him onto his surfboard and bring him safely back to shore.

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The NSRI medically checked the man and found him to be uninjured.

Photo: Pablo Thysman smashing a Jeffreys Bay wall. Photo: Jean Goldstone

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