Car guards apprehend bag-snatcher in Jeffreys Bay

A bag-snatcher met his match last week when he was chased down and apprehended by two of Jeffreys Bay’s official car guards.

Car guards Andrew Williams and Bongi Plaatjies were keeping an eye on vehicles at the main beachfront on Friday evening when they heard a commotion in an alley connecting Da Gama and Diaz Roads.

“A mugger had grabbed a woman’s hand bag and was running along Diaz Road in the direction of Pellsrus,” Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson said.

“The car guards immediately gave chase and managed to apprehend the bag-snatcher near the gym. The bag was recovered with all its content and safely returned to the owner.”

Benson said the same two guards had also facilitated the recovery of stolen goods in the dunes near Sandkasteel in Diaz Road earlier the week.

“They saw two men behaving suspiciously in the dunes and called in the assistance of Smhart Security.

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“On closer inspection they came across a variety of goods, from groceries to electronics, that we suspect had been stolen and stashed among the vegetation,” Benson said.

Kouga Acting Mayor Brenton Williams commended the car guards for performing their duties with such passion.

“We all have a role to play in cracking down on crime in our communities,” he said.

“While we do not encourage residents confronting criminals directly and risking injury to themselves, everyone can make a contribution by being the eyes and ears of law enforcement agencies.” 

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